For connoisseurs of inexpensive holidays and, due to rising prices in hotels, a hostel becomes an indispensable option. Many still refer to such an institution as a bedbug, but this is a great opportunity to arrange a budget and fun trip. After all, then most of the money can be spent on excursions and entertainment.

What is a hostel – features and benefits
Translated from English, the word Hostel means hostel, hostel, hotel, inn. Here you will find cheap lodging and will be able to prepare meals in the shared kitchen. Standard rooms in the hostel can accommodate from 4 to 16 people. There are also rooms for two, but they will cost you more. The bathroom in the hostel is provided for common use.

In all countries this type of hotel is popular among students. Firstly, hostels are quite safe and include the necessary minimum for a comfortable stay. Secondly, they are really cheaper than standard rooms and most of the money can be allocated for educational recreation and entertainment, especially if you plan to return to the hotel only for an overnight stay. Thirdly, they are perfect for a large company. And fourthly, the craving for adventure and everything new has not yet died among the “students”, and the romance of knowledge overshadows the inconvenience of the lack of a soft feather bed, free shower gel, a butler at the entrance, and even the presence of snoring from a roommate.

In general, if you really want to see the Louvre, spend hours walking around Paris, and possibly Prague, Venice, Florence, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, and many, many other cities from your dreams, then the hostel can be a successful part of a wonderful trip for you. .

For those who do not have the experience of living in a hostel with, we can suggest 11 important rules:

1. Get away from prejudice
You need to immediately understand the truth – any hostel in Europe is a clean and comfortable place where cultured people live. It should not be compared to a bad hostel.

2. Know the basics of the English language
Since the hostel is an international place, tourists who do not know your native language can rest in it. Housing sites where low prices are applied, as well as discounts and promotions, usually do not translate into Russian. Therefore, in any of the options, it is worth restoring knowledge from the school curriculum in memory. You don’t have to worry about pronunciation.

3. Stay in hostels on recommendation
This information is always available on the Internet. On trusted sites, you can see a lot of reviews and opinions of other residents that will help you make a decision when choosing a hostel. Also important will be the comments of your friends and acquaintances, whom you can always trust.

4. Take care of housing in advance
This condition becomes especially important in the summer and on the eve of the New Year holidays. Circumstances can turn out well, and you will immediately find the right place. But it happens that a situation arises when all the good options are already taken, and only a few days are left before departure. In this case, the most important thing is not to panic and not be upset. You will definitely find the right hostel.

5. Choose a convenient location
Priority are hostels located in the city center or on the main tourist roads. This will save time on excursions and reduce transport costs.

6. Compare accommodation prices
This is one of the main rules of a tourist who has chosen a hostel as their accommodation. The price may depend on the number of residents and the popularity of the place. Therefore, after reviewing several options, you can easily make your choice. Compare hostel rates with nearby hotels. Even in the most exclusive hostel, places should not be more expensive than a hotel room. This principle should not exclude the previous points: the hostel should be located in the tourist center of the city.

7. Check for a WI-FI zone
In the modern world of technology, most of us are not able to leave a laptop even when traveling. You need to check e-mail, chat with friends and inform your parents about your affairs. Most often, WI-FI is a free service, but it may not be connected. Therefore, this should be clarified in advance.

8. Stay alert for safety
Citizens of other countries can live in the hostel except you. Each of them has its own national traditions, so attentiveness will not hurt you. Personal belongings should be placed in a safe or locker, the key to which should only be with you. You can always inform the administration about violations of the rules in the hostel. But do not exaggerate the controversial situation and be suspicious of every guest.