If you want to learn a language and translate from german to english without paying a dime, then your first assistant is the Internet. Of course, learning a language on your own is not so easy, but everything is possible, the most important thing is your desire. The right attitude will help you not to quit studying at the first problems or lack of time. Moreover, with independent study, you can build the process, as it is convenient and interesting for you. As you know, information is best absorbed during the game, start learning German not with a meticulous study of the rules, but as a researcher, studying what you are really interested in. For starters, you can watch movies and series that interest you in German. So at an unconscious level, you will begin to learn the phonetics and semantics of the language. You can also:

Read literature in German and german to english, listen to German radio stations.
Create for yourself a list of sites related to language learning and hone your skills on them, Get new information.
Listen to audio courses.
Use free language learning apps.
Especially a lot of useful information on the Internet, look for really valuable information. Create an atmosphere in your home that encourages immersion in learning German. If you already know English, then learning German will be easier for you, they are very similar (they have one and heavier Germanic language group).