The village of Tarki with is situated on the mountain Tarki-Tau (5.5 km from Makhachkala). According to legend it was here where Semender, the capital of the Khazar Khaganate, stood in the 7th and 10th centuries.

Wander around the cafes, sampling the local cuisine of Dagestan, as well as coffee houses – they are very good here! Coffee with urbeche – a thick paste made from seeds – is a must-taste.

Climb to the top of Sarykum barkhan, which is 18 kilometers to the north-west of Makhachkala. Its height reaches 262 meters – a skyscraper with several dozens of floors! Alexander Dumas described the biggest barkhan in Eurasia when he was traveling in the Caucasus. This is also the hottest place in Dagestan: in summer it heats up to +60. The barkhan itself stands in place and does not disappear, changing its shape at the same time. Here you can also meet a scorpion, a scolopendra, a tarantula, an Egyptian cockroach, but it’s better from a distance. Lifehack: Replay a scene from the movie “White Sun of the Desert” by burying yourself in the sand. The legendary movie was shot right here!

To get to Sarykum, drive to the village of Korkmaskaly.

Arm yourself with binoculars and go birdwatching on the Sarykum barkhan: because over 170 species of birds live here!

Look at one of the deepest canyons in the world – the Sulak Canyon. Its depth is 1920 m, which according to different sources is 63-120 m more than the Grand Canyon in the USA. At the bottom of the canyon flows arm Sulak with an amazing, turquoise-colored water. In the village of Dubky are equipped with viewing platforms, but further you can also drive on the dirt road in search of beautiful angles. Dubki itself is a Soviet-type settlement with five-story buildings and ruins, built specifically for the personnel of the Chirkei hydroelectric power plant.

Take a tour of the Chirkei hydroelectric power plant on the Sulak River: they are held two days a week as part of an organized group. This hydroelectric power station is called one of the most beautiful and highest in the world. The road to the place is also interesting: it passes through an 800-meter tunnel.

In the warm season relax and swim in the waters of the Chirkei water reservoir in Dagestan, which was formed during the construction of the Chirkei HPP. There live carp, trout, perch, the place is beloved by fishermen.

Relax at a restaurant with near the bridge over the Myatlinskoye Reservoir. A river, a view of the mountains, the well-appointed territory of the restaurant and fresh fish.

Visit one of the trout farms of Dagestan on the Myatlinskoye Reservoir or in the Sulak. They will not only tell you how to grow fish, but also show you how to smoke it and feed you with fish dishes.

Meditate on the shore of one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the Caucasus on the border with Dagestan, Kazenoi-Am, admiring the reflection of the mountains in the turquoise water. You can stay at a very nice hotel right on the shore.

Turn to the village Untsukul, where craftsmen live: they make utensils, pipes and canes, decorative panels of cornel, apricot or walnut wood with incisions. The craft is already about 200 years old.

To admire the cosmic color of the waters of the Irgunay Reservoir: as a result of its creation, all the structures were not moved, and houses, buildings, cemeteries went under the water.

Visit the Akhulgo memorial of white stone with a signal tower and an exhibition hall: its exposition includes artifacts from the times of the Caucasian War.

The village of Bolshoi Gotsatl is famous for its silversmiths, who make jewelry, buttons, pins and dishes. Here in the village are made lint-free carpets “davagin”. Tourists note the hospitality and delicious food in the guest house.