Traveling with your child and, you should properly prepare for the flight, because your baby needs regular and nutritious meals.

For your baby, you can take:

jars of food;
Drinks, milk formula;
dried fruits, nuts, crackers;
necessary in a changing climate sour-milk products;
basic food that the child is already used to, so that it would be convenient to eat without the presence of cutlery.

Peculiarities of taking baby food on board:

if the child is infant, airlines provide the right to carry any baby food in the cabin;
it is possible to make an agreement with the airline about the provision of a baby food;
The children’s menu is divided into 2 types: for infants under 2 years old and for children over 2 years old.
It is allowed to take one water bottle into the cabin and It is important that the child drinks during the start and landing, so that he does not get his ears clogged. You can also supplement the water with fruit puree in a soft pack, as its consistency resembles kissel.
If you plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight, you may notice that you are not allowed to check in at the security check-in counter.

If you are packing a large amount of food, check with the carrier beforehand what you can take into the cabin and how much you can put in the hold.