Kazakh language

Kazakh is a Turkic language that belongs to the Kipchak (or Western Turkic languages), closely related to the Nogai and Karakalpak languages and translate english to kazakh. The Kazakh language is an agglutinative language (having a structure in which the dominant type of inflection is agglutination (“gluing”) of different suffixes or prefixes, each of which […]


10 most influential languages ​​in the world

In the 90s, Language Today magazine published an article by George Weber analyzing the most influential languages ​​in the world and english to tagalog best translator correct grammar. The study was quite interesting, since the “influence” of languages ​​was considered from several points of view. For example, in terms of the number of speakers in […]



Technical translation and translator for windows 10 is the most labor-intensive, since it requires in-depth knowledge of both the foreign language and the native language and full command of the terminology of a particular branch. It is characterized by concreteness, brevity, lack of bright emotional coloring of semantic constructions. The text must be built in […]


English Tutor

This article will highlight issues related to teaching English with private tutors. You will learn which English tutor can inspire trust and which one cannot. Consider the resume of some tutors who teach English, which can serve as an example for the correct definition of the professional qualities of a tutor. Let’s consider the main […]


Optimization of the translator’s work

Improving the efficiency of the translator’s work usually means reducing the time that has to be spent on a certain amount of text while maintaining or improving the quality of the translation. Often it becomes impossible to accomplish these simple tasks in the formulation: the speed of translation and subsequent editing of the text seems […]


Currency conversion

As you know, our world is material, but in the context of the transfer of certain monetary units, the interest of translation theorists is caused exclusively by non-material factors. The monetary unit is so clos ely connected with its country that it is its kind of symbol, and at the same time it is one […]


Interpreting difficulties

Even a professional interpreter faces a number of objective difficulties that must be taken into account. Initially, the main factor is that the information in the interpretation process is intangible, as opposed to translation or sheet translation. This is also significantly complicated by the specifics of the speech of the sender and recipient of information, […]