What food can I take my baby on the plane?

Traveling with your child and https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-tagalog, you should properly prepare for the flight, because your baby needs regular and nutritious meals. For your baby, you can take: jars of food; Drinks, milk formula; dried fruits, nuts, crackers; necessary in a changing climate sour-milk products; basic food that the child is already used to, so that […]


Sarykum, the Chirkey hydropower plant, the Miatly reservoir and ancient settlements

The village of Tarki with https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-russianĀ is situated on the mountain Tarki-Tau (5.5 km from Makhachkala). According to legend it was here where Semender, the capital of the Khazar Khaganate, stood in the 7th and 10th centuries. Wander around the cafes, sampling the local cuisine of Dagestan, as well as coffee houses – they are very […]


Hostel accommodation: useful tips

For connoisseurs of inexpensive holidays and https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-hindi, due to rising prices in hotels, a hostel becomes an indispensable option. Many still refer to such an institution as a bedbug, but this is a great opportunity to arrange a budget and fun trip. After all, then most of the money can be spent on excursions and […]


How to learn German on your own

If you want to learn a language and translate from german to english without paying a dime, then your first assistant is the Internet. Of course, learning a language on your own is not so easy, but everything is possible, the most important thing is your desire. The right attitude will help you not to […]


Words of Latin origin – structure and logic

All European languages, including Russian, borrowed Latin words. When studying English and translating latin to english, one may get the impression that he borrowed the entire Latin language: there are many times more words of Latin origin in English than in Russian, and it seems that it is physically impossible to remember them all. On […]


How to write a presentation in English

Very often, students, graduate students and specialists have to speak in front of an audience and present their product, service or idea and translate arabic to english. The ability to make a competent, interesting and memorable presentation in this case is extremely important. If you are preparing a presentation in English, then the following presentation […]



It is known that the Japanese language and japanese to english translation began to form around the 3rd century BC, and before this period, the Japanese people did not have their own written language. The development of the language was facilitated by the active penetration of Chinese culture and hieroglyphs. By the 6th century B.C. […]


Translation of excursion programs – does an interpreter also need to be a traveler?

Translation amharic to english of text or messages related to tourist culture and travelers is a classic sore spot in the work of a translator. The daily flow of representatives of different cultures with their own national characteristics, mentality and ideas is an inexhaustible source of possible mistakes, misunderstandings and disappointments. Does an interpreter need […]


7 Effective Ways to Memorize English Words

Memorizing new English words every day is the key to improving your English vocabulary. How to memorize new words quickly and easily and translate russian to english? Here are some tips on this subject. Build Associative Networks Memorization of new information and its connection with already formed old information occurs as follows. When we read […]


UK translation market analysis

In the 21st century, companies and governments of countries must regularly interact with each other (sometimes in several languages) with existing and potential customers, business partners and even workers from other countries. This not only protects the translation latin to english industry, but also provides a safe haven from economic downturns. Despite strong pressure from […]